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Eagle Raceway 7/27/13
Results Submitted by Eagle Pit Shack Guy on 07/28/2013 at 5:29 PM Send To Friend | Report Results

IMCA Sprint 7/27/2013

A Feature:1. Doug Lovegrove (Waverly, NE), 2. Mike Boston (Alvo, NE), 3. Terry Richards (Denton, NE), 4. Eric Reichwaldt (Plattsmouth, NE), 5. Shayle Bade (Lincoln, ne), 6. Gene Ackland (Martell, NE), 7. Nate Weiler (Gretna, NE), 8. Lee Bowes (Lincoln, NE), 9. Keith Dragoo (Lincoln, NE), 10. Doug  Roth (Axtell, NE), 11. Gregg Bolte (Fremont, NE), 12. Lacey Tuttle (Omaha, NE), 13. Chase Weiler (Lincoln, NE), 14. Dan Satriano (Papillion, NE), 15. Matt Richards (Lincoln, NE), 16. Brandon Horton (Omaha, NE), 17. Nick Bryan (Lincoln, NE), 18. Richard Weers (Lincoln, NE), 19. Clint Benson (Papillion, NE), 20. Bill Garrow (Lincoln, NE)

B Feature:1. Matt Richards (Lincoln, NE), 2. Nick Bryan (Lincoln, NE), 3. Dan Satriano (Papillion, NE), 4. Brandon Horton (Omaha, NE), 5. Richard Weers (Lincoln, NE), 6. Dwight Carter (Lincoln, NE), 7. Butch Bade (Lincoln, NE)

Heat 1:1. Gene Ackland (Martell, NE), 2. Keith Dragoo (Lincoln, NE), 3. Nate Weiler (Gretna, NE), 4. Lacey Tuttle (Omaha, NE), 5. Bill Garrow (Lincoln, NE), 6. Matt Richards (Lincoln, NE), 7. Nick Bryan (Lincoln, NE), 8. Butch Bade (Lincoln, NE)

Heat 2:1. Shayle Bade (Lincoln, ne), 2. Lee Bowes (Lincoln, NE), 3. Clint Benson (Papillion, NE), 4. Doug  Roth (Axtell, NE), 5. Gregg Bolte (Fremont, NE), 6. Dwight Carter (Lincoln, NE), 7. Brandon Horton (Omaha, NE) 

Heat 3:1. Doug Lovegrove (Waverly, NE), 2. Terry Richards (Denton, NE), 3. Mike Boston (Alvo, NE), 4. Eric Reichwaldt (Plattsmouth, NE), 5. Chase Weiler (Lincoln, NE), 6. Dan Satriano (Papillion, NE), 7. Richard Weers (Lincoln, NE)

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