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2016 FASTRAK Rule Changes for the Season!!
Press Release Submitted by FASTRAKpr on 02/10/2016 at 1:08 PM Send To Friend | Report Press Release
The following listed below are the rule changes voted on by the teams at the awards banquet seminars for the FASTRAK Racing Series in 2016 that will be put into action: 1) Base weight 2350. minus 25 for Hans Device or full containment like before. 2) Putting a fuel protest rule in effect. Price TBD. Thinking $150 3) Shocks - no wireless, no electronics connected to shocks in any manner - all springs and shocks cannot be covered in pre-race tech. 4) 39 inch rear deck height 5) Tire results cover sheet to be posted on Facebook 6) We voted on the aftermarket ring and bearing package and NO ONE voted for it so same as its always been. 7) 10 bonus points for weekly shows max now. It was 12. 8) Future Stars Cup is $1250 per region for each winner. Must be a teenager to participate. Winners may not compete in it again. 9) 10 races to be eligible for WORLD CHALLENGE. NO EXCEPTIONS/ 10) WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP is open in 2016 to everyone. Members with 10 races $100 entry fee. W/O $200 entry fee. 11) Engine claim $6000. 12) Addressing penalties for valve spring and fuel issues. These new rule changes will be immediately put into place for 2016 and put into action via the FASTRAK Racing Series official rule book. FASTRAK PR - Wesley Outland
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