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Giles, Mather, Dickey, McDaniel take SIS checkers on Kids Night
Press Release Submitted by BigDog on 06/22/2007 at 10:03 AM Send To Friend | Report Press Release
Wednesday, June 20, 2007
By Tony Paris
OSKALOOSA, Iowa (June 20, 2007) — The kids got a treat on Wednesday night at the Southern Iowa Speedway with rides around the Mahaska County Half-Mile Monster, and a chance to get some candy in the candy dash. The night was sponsored by Advance Concrete Specialist and Certified Pest Control — both of Oskaloosa — with all four of the USRA Casey's General Stores Weekly Racing Series divisions in action.
The USRA B-Mod feature saw a first-time visitor in victory lane. Mike Giles of West Des Moines out-classed the field with Andrew Schroeder taking the second spot, Paul Underwood in third and Dan Drury in fourth.
The USRA Stock Car feature was won by Webster driver Colt Mather, who led all 12 laps by holding off Matt Greiner of Washington, with Nathan Wood and Josh Newell battling for the third spot with the two going wheel-to-wheel for the spot with Wood taking third and fourth going to Newell.
In the MUSCO Lighting USRA Modified feature, Kyle Harwood of Oskaloosa led the field to the green and led until lap 3 before Scott Dickey took the lead and never looked back. The second spot went to Nate Caruth of Ames who wheeled his No. 7c machine into second followed by Brandon Banks, who raced his way from eighth to third, passing Harwood on the last lap for third.
The final feature was the USRA Hobby Stock main event with two- and three-wide racing in this event. Bill Gibson and Jason McDaniel swapped the lead seven different times with McDaniel making the pass with only three laps remaining to take the win. Gibson took a fourth place finish with Mike Shelton in second with Don Nunnikhoven in third.
Next Wednesday's action at the Southern Iowa Speedway will see the USRA Casey's General Stores Weekly Racing Series back in action, along with the Preacher Feature presented by Pro-Line Buildings.
The Southern Iowa Speedway is located one half-mile west of US 63 on SR 92, then four blocks north on N. I St. (at the Southern Iowa Fairgrounds). For day-of-race information, call the track hotline at (507) 634-4281 or visit www.rlpromotions.com/oskaloosa online.
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USRA Casey's General Stores Weekly Racing Series
Kids Night presented  by Advance Concrete Specialist and Certified Pest Control
Southern Iowa Speedway, Oskaloosa, Iowa
Wednesday, June 20, 2007
Heat #1: 1. 16-Mike Shelton, Ottumwa; 2. 84-Danny Thrasher, Agency; 3. 38-Bill Gibson, Knoxville; 4. 5N-Don Nunnikhoven; 5. 54-Randy Veldhuizen, Eddyville; 6. 7S-Wade Francis, Eddyville; 7. 01-Dave Breuklander, Oskaloosa; 8. 55-Ricky Wilson, Ottumwa; 9. 3-Kirk Brown, Knoxville.
Heat #2: 1. 85-Jason McDaniel, Eldon; 2. 4M-Chase Mitrisin, Oskaloosa; 3. 0-Tyler Ford, Lovillia; 4. 60T-Rick Landgrebe, Sigourney; 5. 2T-Travis Sherwood, Ottumwa; 6. 8J-A.J.  Johnson, Oskaloosa; 7. 3Z-Jason VanZomeren, Oskaloosa; 8. 20 Robert Stapleford, Seymour; 9. 10G-Dustin Griffiths, Ottumwa.
Feature:  1. 85-McDaniel; 2. 16-Shelton; 3. 5N-Nunnikhoven; 4. 38-Gibson; 5. 4M-Mitrisin; 6. 84-Thrasher; 7. 0-Ford; 8. 60T-Landgrebe; 9. 54-Vedhuizen; 10. 2T-Sherwood; 11. 01-Breuklander; 12. 55-Wilson; 13. 10G-Griffiths; 14. 3Z-VanZomeren; 15. 7S-Francis; 16. 20-Stapleford; 17. 8J-A.J. Johnson, Oskaloosa; 18. 3-Brown.
Heat: 1. 9G-Mike Giles, West Des Moines; 2. 21D-Dan Drury, Eldora; 3. 1-Paul Underwood, Ottumwa; 4. 13-Brett Moffitt, Grimes; 5. 9-Jared Miller, West Des Moines; 6. 02-Andrew Schroeder, Keswick; 7. 22E-Liz Harwood, Oskaloosa.
Feature:  1. 9G-Giles; 2. 02-Schroeder; 3. 1-Underwood; 4. 21D-Drury; 5. 13-Moffitt; 6. 22E-Harwood; 7. 9-Miller.
Heat: 1. 8-Colt Mather, Webster; 2. 34-Pat Rachels, Knoxville; 3. 52-Nathan Wood, Keswick; 4. 29-Matt Greiner, Washington; 5. 33-Josh Newell, Oskaloosa; 6. 32T-Bobby Greene, Eddyville; 7. 8J-A.J.  Johnson, Oskaloosa; 8. 94-Corey Stout, Oskaloosa; 9. 22-Aaron Wendel. Melbourne.
Feature: 1. 8-Mather; 2. 29-Greiner; 3. 52-Wood; 4. 33-Newell; 5. 32T-Greene; 6. 8J-Johnson; 7. 22-Wendel; 8. 94-Stout; 9. 34-Rachels.
Heat: 1. 40-Scott Dickey, Packwood; 2. 15K-Kyle Harwood, Oskaloosa; 3. 7C-Nate Caruth, Ames; 4. 47-Josh Truman, Indianola; 5. 94-Steven Blattler, Oskaloosa; 6. Q37-Allison Quick, Redding; 7. 00-David Ott, Ankeny; 8. 22-Brandon Banks, Washington.
Feature: 1. 40-Dickey; 2. 7C-Caruth; 3. 22-Banks; 4. 15K-Harwood; 5. 47-Truman; 6. 94-Blattler; 7. Q37-Quick; 8. 00-Ott.
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