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Topic: 32nd Chilli Bowl Nite # 3 Thur Jan 11 2018 Driver Entries - 91 of 357 Cars
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January 10, 2018 at 12:38:03 PM
Joined: 01/13/2009
Posts: 1514

32nd Chilli Bowl Nite # 3 Thur Jan 11 2018 Driver Entries - 91 of 357 Cars


((((( CONTENDERS )))))

01/ 71W Christopher Bell Norman, OK NASCAR PICK TO WIN
02/ 63 Tanner Thorson Minden, NV--------CONTENDER USAC
03/ 5 Jerry Coons Jr Tucson, AZ------------CONTENDER USAC
04/ 21K Cory Kruseman Ventura, CA------CONTENDER
05/ 24 Tracy Hines Wilkinson, IN------------CONTENDER



06/ 76G David Gravel Watertown, CT
07/ 22E Shane Stewart Bixby, OK
08/ 25B Steve Buckwalter Royersford, PA
09/ 17W Shane Golobic Fremont, CA
10/ 15H Sam Hafertepe Jr Sunnyvale, TX
11/ 87 Ryan Bernal Hollister, CA
12/ 73 Jac Haudenschild Wooster, OH
13/ 55X C.J. Leary Greenfield, IN
14/ 77P Billy Pauch Jr Frenchtown, NJ
15/ 39 Michael Pickens Auckland, NZ
16/ 4P Paul McMahan Nashville, TN
17/ 4J Tim Crawley Benton, AR
18/ 47W Dylan Westbrook Scotland, ON (CANADA)
19/ 49ER Caleb Armstrong New Castle, IN
20/ 47 Danny Stratton Reading, PA
21/ 45 (R) Roger Crockett Medford, OR<------ROOKIE
22/ 18S (R) Danny Smith Chillicothe, OH,<----ROOKIE
23/ 71H (R) Hudson O'Neal Martinsville, IN<---ROOKIE
24/ 6 Bill Rose Plainfield, IN


((((( 14 ROOKIES )))))

01/ 0B (R) Jay Ball Amarillo, TX 
02/ 5T (R) Presley Truedson Kennedy, MN 
03/ 11A (R) Brandon Gray Shirley, IN
04/ 17RB (R) Ryan Bickett Ramona, SD 
05/ 18K (R) Tyler Williams Atlanta, GA 
06/ 18S (R) Danny Smith Chillicothe, OH <-----------WOW 
07/ 23P (R) Patrick Lawson Edwardsville, IL
08/ 37F (R) JR Bonesteel Albequerque, NM 
09/ 45 (R) Roger Crockett Medford, OR 
10/ 49J (R) Andy Bradley Bloomington, IN 
11/ 51 (R) Zach Madrid Phoenix, AZ 
12/ 68B (R) Blain Petersen Essex, IA
13/ 71H (R) Hudson O'Neal Martinsville, IN 
14/ 75X (R) Mike Griffiths Melbourne, Australia


((((( 2 GIRLS )))))

1/ 7D Michelle Decker Guthrie, OK
2/ 67K Holly Shelton Gold River, CA

((((( 27 States & 3 Countries )))))


California 14
Indiana 13
Oklahoma 13
ILLinois 6
Texas 5 - 0B (R) Ball / 2 Hall / 15 Hafertepe / 81 J Hammock / 88 McDonald 
Kansas 4 - 2J Cody Lampe / 15D A Deal / 84S S Shapel / 926 M Frewaldt 
Missouri 4 - 7JR JD Black / 7S P Schudy / 93K R Kreisel / 321 C Winfrey
Arizona 3 - 5 Jerry Coons Jr / 9E Rick Shuman / 51 (R) Zach Madrid
Iowa 3 - 68B (R) Blain Petersen / 77W Matt Juhl / 92M Josh Most

Arkansas 2 - 4J Tim Crawley / 83 Brad Thompson
Ohio 2 - 7CG John Ivy / 18S (R) Danny Smith-
Pennsylvania 2 - 25B Steve Buckwalter / 47 Danny Stratton
Tennessee 1 - 4P Paul McMahan
Minnesota 1 - 5T (R) Presley Truedson
Kentucky 1 - 11C Chett Gehrke 
Colorado 1 - 14T Tony Rossi 
South Dakota 1 - 17RB (R) Ryan Bickett 
Georgia 1 - 18K (R) Tyler Williams
Delaware 1 - 22B Troy Betts

Maine 1 - 29 Anthony Nocella 
Nebraska 1 - 35L Cody Ledger 
New Mexico 1 - 37F (R) JR Bonesteel 
Oregon 1 - 45 (R) Roger Crockett 
Wyoming 1 - 56X Mark Chisholm
Nevada 1 - 63 Tanner Thorson
Connecticut 1 - 76G David Gravel
New Jersey 1 - 77P Billy Pauch Jr

NEW ZEALAND 1 - 39 Michael Pickens 
CANADA 1 - 47W Dylan Westbrook
AUSTRALIA 1 - 75X (R) Mike Griffiths 

North Carolina 0
New York 0
Wisconsin 0
Washington 0 
North Dakota 0 
Alabama 0
Alaska 0
Vermont 0 
Michigan 0
Mississippi 0




0B (R) Jay Ball Amarillo, TX 
0K Don O'Keefe Jr Pittsboro, IN
00C Grady Chandler Edmond, OK 
1H Mike Hess Riverton, IL 
1K Brayton Lynch Springfield, IL 
2 Ryan Hall Midlothian, TX 
2D Matt Sherrell Owasso, OK 
2DJ Tyler Edwards Salina, OK 
2J Cody Lampe Jetmore, KS
3T Tim Barber Sonoma, CA

4B Ty Hulsey Owasso, OK 
4J Tim Crawley Benton, AR------CONTENDER
4P Paul McMahan Nashville, TN-CONTENDER
05N Paul Nienhiser Chapin, IL
5 Jerry Coons Jr Tucson, AZ------CONTENDER
5T (R) Presley Truedson Kennedy, MN 
6 Bill Rose Plainfield, IN 
7CG John Ivy Fremont, OH 
7D Michelle Decker Guthrie, OK--------------GIRL
7F Michael Faccinto Hanford, CA

7JR JD Black Grain Valley, MO 
7MF Chance Morton Coweta, OK 
7S Pat Schudy Springfield, MO
7X Gage Walker Fairland, IN 
8K Chase Jones Greenwood, IN 
9 Matt Moore Bethany, OK 
9E Rick Shuman Queen Creek, AZ
9K Kyle Schuett Philo, IL 
10C Dalton Camfield Decatur, IL 
11A (R) Brandon Gray Shirley, IN

11C Chett Gehrke Shepherdsville, KY 
11E Cory Elliott Bakersfield, CA 
14T Tony Rossi Brighton, CO 
15D Andrew Deal Caney, KS
15H Sam Hafertepe Jr Sunnyvale, TX--CONTENDER
15X Frankie Guerrini San Rafael, CA 
17RB (R) Ryan Bickett Ramona, SD 
17W Shane Golobic Fremont, CA-------CONTENDER
18K (R) Tyler Williams Atlanta, GA 
18S (R) Danny Smith Chillicothe, OH---CONTENDER

19S Matt Streeter Galt, CA 
21K Cory Kruseman Ventura, CA--------CONTENDER
22B Troy Betts Newark, DE 
22E Shane Stewart Bixby, OK-------------CONTENDER
23P (R) Patrick Lawson Edwardsville, IL 
24 Tracy Hines Wilkinson, IN---------------CONTENDER
24F Hunter Fischer Broken Arrow, OK 
25B Steve Buckwalter Royersford, PA----CONTENDER
29 Anthony Nocella Marlborough, MA 
29J Logan Jarrett Kokomo, IN

35L Cody Ledger Omaha, NE 
37F (R) JR Bonesteel Albequerque, NM 
37X Cameron Hagin Broken Arrow, OK 
39 Michael Pickens Auckland, NZ---------CONTENDER
42 Frank Flud Tulsa, OK 
45 (R) Roger Crockett Medford, OR------CONTENDER 
46D Danny Faria Jr Tipton, CA 
47 Danny Stratton Reading, PA------------CONTENDER 
47W Dylan Westbrook Scotland, ON------CONTENDER
49ER Caleb Armstrong New Castle, IN----CONTENDER

49J (R) Andy Bradley Bloomington, IN 
51 (R) Zach Madrid Phoenix, AZ 
55X C.J. Leary Greenfield, IN----------------CONTENDER
56X Mark Chisholm Cheyenne, WY 
57 Maria Cofer Macdoel, CA 
57K Kevin Studley Plainfield, IN 
63 Tanner Thorson Minden, NV-------------CONTENDER
67F Kyle O'Gara Indianapolis, IN
67K Holly Shelton Gold River, CA---------------GIRL
68B (R) Blain Petersen Essex, IA

71H (R) Hudson O'Neal Martinsville, IN-----CONTENDER
71R Chase Johnson Penngrove, CA 
71W Christopher Bell Norman, OK-----------CONTENDER
73 Jac Haudenschild Wooster, OH-----------CONTENDER
75X (R) Mike Griffiths Melbourne, Australia
76G David Gravel Watertown, CT------------CONTENDER
77P Billy Pauch Jr Frenchtown, NJ-----------CONTENDER
77W Matt Juhl Estherville, IA
81 Jerry Hammock Ennis, TX 
83 Brad Thompson Austin, AR

84S Shaun Shapel Wichita, KS 
87 Ryan Bernal Hollister, CA--------------------CONTENDER
88 Scottie McDonald Porter, TX 
91M Chase Majdic Redding, CA 
92M Josh Most Red Oak, IA 
93 Trey Lambert Collinsville, OK 
93K Riley Kreisel Warsaw, MO 
96 Cody Brewer Choctaw, OK 
321 Chad Winfrey Liberty, MO

926 Morgan Frewaldt Kansas City, KS

January 10, 2018 at 02:15:44 PM
Joined: 10/23/2012
Posts: 398

Maria Cofer is also running Thursday night. These girls are drivers too and they might surprise you!

January 10, 2018 at 07:43:04 PM
Joined: 01/10/2018
Posts: 2

Michael Pickens is a real contender.

Won races in a nz built chassis during midget week and has a large amount.of experience in the US racing. Like Larson, Courtney, Duam, Thomas and Bright, Pickens has just come from racing back home in New Zealand with race miles and hard racing under his belt.

Add the fact he is in a swindall ride this time around and he come from 13th to 6th in the race of champions in that ride makes him a contender.

January 11, 2018 at 08:39:34 AM
Joined: 11/23/2004
Posts: 3638

Bell and Pickens 1 and 2 tonight is what I would like to see.....

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