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Topic: 4/9-11: Sport Mods & B-Mods. full-frames & 3-links, $6600 2win/1300 2start! Email this topic to a friend | Subscribe to this TopicReport this Topic to Moderator
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February 25, 2015 at 01:47:14 PM
Joined: 11/20/2006
Posts: 1378
This message was edited on March 11, 2015 at 09:11:34 PM by hook

Time to ENTER the 2nd annual Liquid Herbal Nitro B-Mod Nationals set for April 9th-11th at Springfield Raceway in Missouri!  Three Oklahoma Southern Sport Mod/Limited Mod racers already have... Join them!  THIS race is for B-Mod/Sport Mod racers ONLY!  No Late Model or USMTS racers allowed to enter!

***$6600-to-win, $1300 to start, 24-car A-main!***

Entry fee is $250 and you don't need a stamp for this one! You can enter on-line with a card here:

Couple notes for ya...

-- Only first 200 entries will be accepted

-- Weather dates are the next weekend, April 15th-18th

-- $1000 to win, $150 to start non-qualifiers race

-- 4 rules packages allowed & must declare which ahead of time!

Here's your choices:


This event is an un-sanctioned event. However all B-mods must declare which sanctioning body rules they would like to run under & must have their Rules of choose on left front sail panel. All cars must be 3 link and adhere to the rule package of either:

Option1: Wissota Midwest Mod Rules...NO REAR SPOILER
Option2: USRA B Mod Rules ....NO REAR SPOILER
Option3: IMCA Northern Sport Mod Rules may groove and sipe tires
Option4: IMCA Southern Sport Mod Rules: Southern Sport Mod Tire Rule: Hoosier H500 or IMCA 500 only (27x8x15 or 26.5x8x15 only)

NO mixing of rules will be permitted! All cars will be run through a prerace tech prior to racing and drivers must have mark with the sanctioning body of choice on left front sail panels. Please understand completely the rule package you choose.

March 11, 2015 at 09:20:19 PM
Joined: 11/20/2006
Posts: 1378

Let's keep it rolling... need entries!

March 16, 2015 at 08:38:47 PM
Joined: 11/20/2006
Posts: 1378

Southern Sport Mods did well at Humboldt!

By the numbers at Humboldt Speedway's Battle-at-the-Bullring B-Mod Nationals....

Entries were capped at the first 150 (151 got in so there must of been a tie for the last one.) 13 of those entered were SOUTHERN Sport Mods. 141 of the entries actually showed up at the track with 12 of the SSMs showing as one went to Goliad instead.

They were:

Bo Day, Caddo Mills, TX
Kinzer Edwards, South Coffeyville, OK
Zach Gossett, Amarillo, TX
Brandon Kenny, Woodward, OK
Jimmy Day, Greenville, TX
Mike Roach, Woodward, OK
Kale Westover, Blair, OK
Jeff Autry, Piedmont, OK
Jeffrey Kaup, Woodward, OK
Caleb Edwards, South Coffeyville, OK
Rowdy Day, Greenville, TX
Curtis Allen, Yukon, OK

These could be off by one or two on the counts but there were also...

75 USRA B-Mods (no spoiler, AR KK704 tires)
50 Wissota Midwest Mods (no spoiler, Wissota Hoosier tire)
4 IMCA Northern Sport Mods (3 inch spoiler, IMCA Hoosier G60 tire)

SSM had to shorten spoiler to 6 inches for this event (normally 8in) and they had to run IMCA stamped Hoosier 500s.

After running 4 heats for passing points on Thursday & Friday, the top 12 cars were locked into the $9000 to win, $750 to start A-main.

Brandon Kenny was 3rd in those points and started inside row 2.

The rest of the cars were divided up into 7 B-mains with top 2 making the A-main. J. Day, Roach, Westover, Autry, C. Edwards & R. Day all raced their way into the A-main. That's 7 for 12 or a .583 avg.

Jenae Gustin ("Little Reaper") was the lone wolf of the 4 IMCA Northern Sport Mods to make the A. .250 avg. That's quite a racing family there. Ryan just won the Winter Meltdown in Las Cruces last Saturday, Jimmy finished 5th out of 70 A-Mods Saturday in Beatrice, Nebraska and Jenae beat out at least 115 other cars just to get in the A at Humboldt!

Wissota cars went 11 for 50 and actually put the most cars in the A. But that's just a .220 avg.

USRA ended up winning the $9000 but only had 7 cars qualify for the A -- same number as the Southern Sport Mods. Their 7 for 75 for an average of .093 was lowest of the sanctioning bodies.

Then Gossett (a SSM) got the provisional for IMCA. USRA, Wissota & the track also got a provisional each making a 30-car starting field with 8 SSMs, 12 Wissotas, 9 USRAs & the one Northern Sport Mod in the A. Kaup was the lone SSM to make the 21-car non-qualifiers feature for cars that finished 3rd thru 5th in those Bs. That NQ feature was a real good caution-free 20-lapper by the way that paid $1000 to the winner.

Missouri racer Shawn Strong started 5th and won the 50-lap A-main with his USRA B-Mod. Side note: Shawn once brought his 3-link down to Ark-La-Tex Speedway from Southern Missouri with a pick-up truck and an open air trailer and ran it as a ProMod/STEMS car at an early season event. From what I hear, he still used a pick-up truck to get to Humboldt too!

2 USRA cars also started on the front row of the A and finished 2nd & 3rd. One of the Wissota cars started 10th and finished 4th.

Then it gets good for our side...

Kenny stayed in the top 5 the entire race and finished 5th. Westover came from 18th starting spot to finish 6th. Roach came from 23rd starting spot to finish 9th so 3 of the 12 SSMs that entered made top 10 in the race! Logan Martin advanced from 24th to finish 8th in a USRA B-Mod. Logan was the source of some controversy when he was allowed race a USMTS Winter Nationals LIMITED Modified event last November with a spoiler-less USRA B-Mod clad with Medium Hoosier 500s (Not the IMCA or H500 tire) against a whole field of Limited/SSM cars running those same medium 500 tires but with 8-inch spoilers. There was another USRA B-Mod car running the same package as Martin in that race at the Winter Nats but he finished 8th. The 2nd place SSM car to Martin in that race was right on his bumper at the end to -- faster, but just couldn't make the pass. If there is an advantage to either rules package, I don't see it!

Said all the just to show you SSM/Limited Modified guys that YOU GOT A SHOT at these shows just like Dean Abbey in Vegas!

So.... with an EIGHT-inch spoiler allowed...

TIME TO ENTER the 2nd annual Liquid Herbal Nitro B-Mod Nationals set for Springfield Raceway on April 9th-11th in southwest Missouri!

REMEMBER: You don't race USMTS and/or Late Model racers at this one...they can't enter!

April 03, 2015 at 09:33:11 AM
Joined: 11/20/2006
Posts: 1378

Last chance to enter!  Deadline is SATURDAY!

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