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Nike Shoes are the 1st Choice
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In addition to the increased pressures placed on the calcaneal epiphysis a puma kicks position during the stance phase increases the amount of pull from the soft tissue attachments which is primarily from the tendo achilles and secondarily from the plantar fascia The study attempts to link the negative heel position to the high incidence of inflammation of the calcaneal growth center, or calcaneal apophysitis commonly found in the youth soccer population. Treatment options for calcaneal apophysitis are also discussed Introduction A comparison was made between air jordan shoes and cleated shoes using both F-scan in-shoe sensor system (Tekscan INC., Boston MA), and videotape nike shox r4. When the foot is positioned in a dorsiflexed position greater than ninety degrees to the supporting surface during the stance phase of running, a negative heel position is created (football shirts supplier). Thirty-six male test subjects between the ages of eight and eleven were tested in an effort to prove that the wearing of cleated shoes placed the foot of a young soccer player in a negative heel position more so than if wearing non-cleated shoes. Soccer is one of if not the most popular sport in the world. Currently more children in the U.S. now play soccer than Little League Baseball. 1 Not only has there been an increase of air max shoes; there has been an increase in the frequency of play. During the 1990's there has been an increasing soccer jerseys of single sport youth athletes who train year round. Many young soccer players now participate in all four seasons of the year playing both indoors and outdoors. With the increase in the number of young athletes playing soccer and the increase in the amount of playing time, there has been, significant rise in the incidence of young players presenting with foot pain such as inflammation of the replica football shirts , more commonly known as Sever's Disease (osteochondritis).

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