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The excellent alternative to pla packing
Blog Submitted by bowlwholesaler on 06/27/2022 at 2:17 AM Report Blog
As consumers increasingly demand eco-friendly products, companies want to offer sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics.2.5oz paper cup At the same time, the number of factories worldwide producing PLA resin is limited.custom frozen yogurt cups Here, we highlight environmentally friendly alternatives that you may not have considered. Check out some sustainable food packaging options below. Cold cup: PLA with paper The advantage of PLA cold cups is that they look and feel just like plastic, without the harmful environmental side effects associated with making plastic or styrofoam. They are strong, sustainable and crystal clear. But our new line of paper cold cups takes sustainability to a whole new level. In addition to being 100 percent compostable, these cold cups are made from bamboo, a fast-growing grass that continues to grow after harvest.paper tea cups wholesale In fact, bamboo is the fastest growing plant species on earth, with some growing more than a meter a day! Our paper cold cups are also equipped with PLA liner to prevent leakage and condensation. Thick paper is known to keep liquids cool longer. Did we mention that their average cost per case is 25% lower than PLA cold cups Salad bowls and deli containers: PLA and fiber Our CL Ear salad bowls and deli containers are as light and strong as plastic and can withstand temperatures up to 110 degrees.custom french fry cups However, our fibre-based takeout boxes and clamps might be a good choice. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes and with multi-compartment options, these containers will immediately visually remind your customers that you have chosen to use compostable products in your business.ripple wall paper cup Many containers are provided with PLA lining options to make them waterproof. They're also safe to use in microwaves and refrigerators, and stack perfectly for easy storage or transportation. Do I need to include salad dressing? No problem: we offer PLA and fiber serving cups. Straws: PLA vs. PHA vs. Paper Our PLA straws are as strong as traditional plastics and do not cause environmental pollution.salad paper bowl Our newest straws are made from PHA. PHA straws are home compostable, Marine biodegradable and look and feel just like PLA straws. They are also individually packaged. In addition, paper straws are widely used. At Hyde, we always take one step forward.wholesale pla cup We will continue to stock as many compostable, sustainable products as possible while maintaining a high level of service. We will also keep you, our valued customer, informed of market conditions so that you can continue to serve your customers with the best environmentally friendly products. However, if you are not born to design anything, you can find a simple design on the Internet and download an image. You can edit the image slightly and scale it to fit your paper bag. You can also find all templates online to make your work easier.disposable french fry cups Even directly looking for online suppliers to get customized paper bags. Hyde can meet your needs.
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