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Grinding wheel FAQ
Blog Submitted by xzbbvfvbh on 01/16/2019 at 8:53 PM Report Blog
Grinding with abrasive tools is a very important method in machining methods, and it is the most basic and preferred processing method for precision machining and super finishing. It is widely used in industry. Resin abrasives are an important part of abrasives and are one of the important grinding tools for industrial production applications. In order to promote technical exchanges in the industry and help customers solve common problems in the manufacturing process of resin grinding wheels, Zhuhai Bangrui Synthetic Materials Co., Ltd. organized a solution to solve common problems in the application of slicing/grinding resin wheel materials. This article mainly introduces common problems in the manufacture of resin grinding wheels. Grinding sheet (resin 14 inches cutting disc) stratification (layering) problems occur frequently With the increasing demand for the quality of grinding wheels, especially the increase in the demand for high-efficiency grinding discs, the variety of resin grinding wheel manufacturers is more obvious. This also causes the lining of the grinding disc to occur frequently during the manufacture and use of the grinding wheel. The delamination of the grinding sheet should first consider the bonding properties of the mesh (including the volatilization of the mesh). If the mesh-impregnated type is poorly compatible with the phenolic resin used for the resin grinding wheel, the adhesive content is insufficient, or the mesh Too high a volatile amount will cause delamination of the abrasive sheet. Excluding the influencing factors of the mesh, the most important influencing factors of the delamination of the grinding disc are: the first is the compatibility of the mixture and the lack of fluidity of the powder phenolic resin; the second is the stress of the mesh itself during the hardening of the grinding wheel Rebound. Therefore, the grinding wheel manufacturer should pay attention to the process of the mesh in the grinding wheel forming process, and must be combined with the molding method and the hardening curve. The performance degradation problem of resin grinding wheel (time-dependent or aging-resistant) has long plagued the grinding wheel factory Since the phenolic resin used in the high quality cutting disc supplier is a polymer material, its performance will gradually deteriorate with the use of time, until the strength of the grinding wheel is lowered, and the cutting performance is degraded. This performance is the performance degradation of the grinding wheel, and the academic language is the aging resistance. . To improve the aging resistance of resin grinding wheels, there are two common methods in foreign countries. The first and most important thing is to treat the abrasives (deep processing of abrasives such as coating, polymer processing, etc.); second, to improve phenolic resin. Aging resistance.
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