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Wearing parts of Raymond Mill
Blog Submitted by yoyocrusher on 11/06/2017 at 11:45 PM Report Blog

We all know, no matter what kind of equipment has its service life, equipment in the process of operation will have different degrees of loss, so Raymond powder machine wear parts what? SCM Ultrafine Mill is used in the work of the main blade and grinding roller and grinding ring cooperate with each other to achieve material crushing, therefore, blade and grinding and grinding ring is an important equipment for wearing parts of Raymond mill, only to have a full understanding of it, in order to improve the work efficiency in the work, to maximize comprehensive benefits the.

The blade structure of Raymond mill is mainly between the materials used in the continuous shovel into the grinding and grinding ring, blade with different quality, the hardness of the material in the continuous material scooped up long time contact friction, serious damage to the shovel will not be able to scoop up the material, will directly lead to Raymond mill work efficiency is affected by. Therefore, the blade structure of Raymond mill made with good wear resistance steel material, which can achieve the most long time service life to ensure the highest degree of blade.

Grinding roller and grinding ring is the whole structure of Raymond mill crushing, grinding ring of material by extrusion and rotation force and achieve fine crushing effect is fed into the grinding roller in the grinding and grinding ring between the grinding roller and grinding ring, so not only by the friction material. When the roller and the grinding ring appear serious wear or uneven wear, it will also affect the production of fine powder, resulting in uneven fineness of finished products. In order to ensure the fineness of finished products, the roller and ring of Raymond mill are made of wear-resistant steel with high strength and toughness, which makes it more applicable and has an excellent grinding effect on a variety of materials.
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