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Working principle of simple pendulum crusher
Blog Submitted by yoyocrusher on 11/03/2017 at 9:20 PM Report Blog

Motor drive belt and pulley, the eccentric shaft through the connecting rod to move up and down. When the rod rises, the angle between toggle plate becomes larger, so the movable jaw plate close to the fixed jaw plate, at the same time, the materials are crushed down; when the connecting rod, angle of elbow plate between the smaller, leaving the fixed jaw jaw board rod under the action of the spring, the material was crushed from the crushing cavity discharge. Crush the material with the continuous rotation of the motor crusher Hubei periodically. This kind of Construction Waste Crusher is simply called swing pendulum crusher because of the simple swing of moving jaw around the suspension point. This machine is a crank double rocker mechanism. The movable jaw hanging around the shaft of the swing arc trace.

The suspension shaft of the simple pendulum crusher is removed, and the movable jaw is hung on the eccentric shaft. At the same time, the front elbow plate and the connecting rod are removed, and the simple pendulum crusher is formed. Because the motor winding Hubei eccentric shaft to rotate at the same time, also around the same center swing, constitute a complex motion, Gu called pendulum crusher. This machine is a crank jaw movement linkage curve as ellipse.

These two kinds of crusher, jaw crusher is a simple pendulum vertical stroke is small, the liner wear light; in the work link with a small force and a toggle plate can produce large thrust; its disadvantages are: the complex and relatively heavy, than 20%~30% with the specifications of the crusher; secondly it move the trajectory is not ideal, the upper level and the lower level of a small stroke stroke larger. The material distribution in the crusher chamber is: the material in the upper chamber is larger and the material in the lower chamber is smaller, and the larger block requires a larger crushing stroke, while the small block is just the opposite. If the large material requirements are met, the horizontal stroke of the discharge port is too large, which can not guarantee the product granularity. In addition, in the process of crushing jaw material, hindering the discharging effect. Therefore, under the same conditions, it is compound pendulum crushing machine productivity about 30% low. With the rolling bearing quality and wear resistant materials and the improvement of the performance of modern design methods used to reduce the abrasion of the liner, the pendulum crusher replaced simple pendulum crusher. Maximum size of star machine production are 1200 * 1500 crusher. At present, the domestic and foreign markets, most still use the compound pendulum crusher, Hongxing machine according to the market demand, product features, the pendulum crusher machine research and development continue to invest.
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