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BMW, Intel and Mobileye will begin driving test of unmanned vehicles in the second half of 2017
Blog Submitted by baitron on 01/10/2017 at 1:22 AM Report Blog

BMW Group, Intel and Mobileye announced today that approximately 40 BMW unmanned vehicles will begin the road test in the second half of 2017. This is an important step for the three companies to fully realize the unmanned goal. At a joint press conference at CES, the three companies further revealed that the BMW 7 Series will use Intel and Mobileye's cutting-edge technology to start a global road trip from the US and Europe.

The release, is the BMW Group, Intel and Mobileye announced in July last year, after the first disclosure of unmanned pilot project progress. Since then, the three companies have embarked on an extensible architecture. The architecture can also be used by other automotive developers and manufacturers to achieve first-class design and create differentiated brands. These products range from a single key integrated module to a complete end-to-end solution to deliver a variety of differentiated consumer experiences. " cu16025ecpb

"Unmanned vehicles are a reality, which is the common goal of BMW, Intel and Mobileye," said Klaus Fr? Hlich, member of the BMW Development Board's Management Board. "This collaboration brings together all the necessary skills and talent to overcome future Numerous technical challenges and commercialization of unmanned vehicles, we have taken into account scalability, and we welcome other companies, such as manufacturers, suppliers or technology companies, to contribute to the unmanned platform. , Our test car will be on the road around the world measured the joint technology.For our goal - in 2021 launched the BMW Group's first all-unmanned vehicle BMW iNEXT, this is an important step. "

"From an industry perspective, we have achieved cost savings and development speed by sharing development costs and consolidating resources to develop a full-scale unmanned platform," said Kevin Zech, CEO of Intel Corp. " Of the system will have consistent and predictable behavior, and will follow the highest safety standards to run. This is why this cooperation can be called ice-breaking move.We formed a special team with a clear common goal, and innovation, agility and Responsible culture. "

"We have made significant progress in the past six months," said Amnon Shashua, co-founder, chairman and CTO of Mobileye, "to design state-of-the-art unmanned solutions for highways and common urban roads. Is a scalable solution that meets the unique needs of the car manufacturers involved in the project. " bq30z50

As part of this collaboration, the BMW Group will be responsible for driving control and dynamics, overall functional safety assessment (including setting up a high-performance analogue engine), integral component integration, prototyping and eventual platform expansion through partner deployment .

In this partnership, Intel's innovative high-performance computing capabilities, from the car has been covered to the data center. The new release of the Intel? GO unmanned solution provides world-class processor and FPGA technology to balance performance and power consumption in the most efficient manner while meeting the automotive industry's demanding thermal and safety requirements. Within the car, Intel GO solutions provide scalable development and computing platforms for critical functions, including sensor aggregation, driving strategies, environmental modeling, path planning and decision making. In the data center, Intel GO offers a wide range of technologies, from high-performance Intel Xeon processors to Intel Arria 10 FPGAs and Intel SSDs to the Intel Nervana (TM) artificial intelligence platform for unmanned Industry-specific machine learning and in-depth learning provide a powerful training and simulation infrastructure.

Mobileye contributes its proprietary EyeQ® 5 high-performance computer vision processor, providing automotive-grade functional safety and low-power performance. EyeQ? 5 is responsible for handling and deconstruction of information from the 360-degree panoramic vision sensor, and localization. EyeQ? 5 with Intel CPU and FPGA technology constitutes a central computing platform, will be integrated into each unmanned vehicle.

Mobileye plans to work with the BMW Group to develop a sensor fusion solution that uses data from vision, radar and lidar sensors to create a complete vehicle surrounding environment model. The two sides will also develop a driving strategy, including Mobileye's enhanced learning algorithm, which will give the vehicle system required for artificial intelligence, in complex driving situations for safe communication.

To further drive the development of unmanned platforms, the three companies plan to release hardware samples and software updates in the coming years. The BMW iNEXT model, scheduled for release in 2021, will be the cornerstone of the BMW Group's unmanned strategy. In this car, the BMW Group's all brands will launch a highly automated model.
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